Friday, November 21, 2008

Love Stories

This is what my stove top clock read when I came home early morning from viewing the Premier of the new movie made from the "Twilight" books...TWILIGHT...ahhh Twilight! I have yet again been entranced by this story. I love to go to movies-most of you know that about me, but my favorite movies of coarse is anything that involves such a love story as Twilight does! As with any movie-I loved to be entertained and "get lost" with the story line and feel as if I was able to escape the "real world" for 90-120 minutes or so! Twilight definitely did that last night! I fell in love all over again with the characters, the story line, and with Vampires! I just loved it! I was so not even disappointed with the casting! They did an amazing job!!! It was fun to feel the energy in the theater and to have everyone laugh at the moments that only the people who had read the book would laugh at! It was fun to have all fans (mostly) in the theater with us and to feel of the "Twilight" energy! It was worth the wait and it was worth staying up until 3 in the morning for!!!! With all of that being said, last night one of my friends said that she needed a date with me so that she could hear my story of meeting Jeff. and I would still love to go on that date...but I have been thinking a lot about our "meeting" story because another friend has been posting old e-mails on her blog of her courtship with her husband and I have found it awfully romantic and fun to read. Maybe mine won't be as fun for those who are reading, but it is fun for to share it for those who might be curious and just for my own record keeping benefit. I have written about it in numerous ways with scrap booking or journals-but here it is on my blog.

by Becca Nelson (he he)

I met Jeff when I was 15 years old, a sophmore in an Indiana High School, and very much attatched to a boy friend. My parents had the missionaries over for dinner quite a bit-which I happened to enjoy extremely because well, let's face it, I liked boys, and I didn't have a lot of LDS selection of Young men in Indiana (there were 10 LDS kids at my HS of 2000). I really enjoyed the missionaries coming to our home and sharing their time and testimonies with us. One Thanksgiving, the Elders came to spend the day with our family. One of the Elders had been serving in Fort Wayne for a while and I really thought he was a lot of fun and I enjoyed him. He was Elder Wyrick, and his quiet, shy, companion was Elder Nelson (Jeff) from a small town in Idaho. He was nice enough, but Elder Wyrick was a lot more goofy and fun to be around. We had them to eat a few more times after that and my mom evidently really liked Elder Nelson. I always said that she fell in love with Jeff long before I did. Jeff didn't even stay in Fort Wayne much longer than three months. However, when it came time for Elder Nelson to go home, I am pretty sure that Jeff invited our family to come to his Mission Farwell that they had for the missionaries that were going home. Mom, my bro Michael and I went. It was that night while I was listening to Jeff give his talk and his testimony that there was just "something" about him! I climbed in that car that night and my mom said, and I quote...."Do you think that he will wait for you????" I was shocked and not sure what to think-but also very much was "in like" with this young man (who happened to be 5 1/2 years older than me!). He wrote our family periodically keeping in touch and my Junior year when I came out to visit my brother at BYU (DAD, remember that long and wonderful bus ride?) all I could hope for was that I would be able to see Jeff. He did come visit me all the way from Idah! All I remember from that day was that we drove and drove and drove all over! We talked and talked and talked and never ran out of things to say to one another. We would stop and shop, or visit Bridal Veil Falls, eat, etc. I know it sounds so cliche-but it was a magical day!!! That was the day that I fell for him! He brought me home late and it was way before cell phones and so my dad was not impressed-but nonetheless, I really liked him!! When I went back to Indiana, I wondered how a guy that much older than me would ever even consider waiting until this junior in HS graduated and could date a little before he would want get married. Yes-I was already thinking about getting married!!! TO JEFF!
We wrote letters (before e-mails!!-man I'm ageing myself) and he would send me tapes (I'm way old!) that he recorded music on, mostly love songs and ballads from groups like Bon Jovi and Whitesnake, etc. I memorized those tapes and still love every song on them! We talked on the phone a few times and always enjoyed talking to each other. He helped me through a couple rough patches with friends and even boy friends my senior year. When my dad got a transfer and came to Idaho Falls to look for a house, he and my mom went to visit Jeff at his work and I was soooo jealous that they had gotten to see him!!! When we moved to Idaho Falls the year I graduated, he had moved down to Utah to get his residency so that he could go to shcool down there. We went there first to be with my grandparents for a week and Jeff and I spent every moment together that we could! We picked right up where we had left off!! It is so much fun to remember how I felt back then! I went to IF and he stayed in Utah. A few weeks later, he moved back to Idaho Falls and I was sooo happy! I like to think that I had something to do about that....:-) We dated the rest of the summer and agreed that we were probably going to get married, but agreed also that I needed to go to college and experience that first year before getting married. What a guy! I dated him all trough that first year-but not exclusively. I dated a lot of other guys too and even found a couple that were able to confuse my feelings about Jeff a little. It was a crazy year. I really loved Jeff, but I really still wasn't sure. With my fickle attitude, Jeff got understandably impatient with this immature 19 year old!
When school was ending, he was dating another girl every once in a while and I didn't like that one bit! One day, I was in town shopping with my mom and we were parked in the ShopKo parking lot and I will never forget what she said to me, and I quote again..."You had better get him before he gets away!!!!" Remember, my mom really loved Jeff! After her saying that I knew that I loved Jeff more than anything and that I HAD better get him before he got away! (Thanks mom!) I called him over that night and told him how I felt and the rest is history!! He asked me to marry him the next month and we got married and moved to Boise to start our life together before the summer ended.

And they lived Happily ever after!
The End
There you have it! Our love Story!

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Nicole said...

Awesome story!! I had no idea you were so young when you met him!