Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I forgot to pack my journal and so I am putting some of the memories of our trip on my blog so that I have somewhat of a record somewhere.
May 4th: We packed the van with a mattress and enough supplies for the three of us for a couple of days. Dad layed comfortably on the bed in the back all of the way up to West Yellowstone and read the whole time. We arrived at the hotel and got dad out into his wheelchair and he just grinned ear to ear and did a couple of wheelies in his chair which I then caught a couple more on video later. He took a big whiff of that mountain air and I think that it did him some good. He has been saying for a while now that he just wanted to get to Yellowstone one more time. Here we are! We got dad settled into bed with the remote in hand and left on a food quest because we were hungry. Everything was closed or sit down and so we ended up getting salads from McDonald's and went back to the room to eat with dad. We settled in pretty early to bed.

May 5th: I woke up in the morning to my parents talking quietly. It reminded me of when I was a girl and I would wake up in the morning and hear my parents in the kitchen talking to one another. It was one of my favorite sounds and favorite memories from my childhood-it still is. I heard my mom say this morning, "Guess where you're going today?" and I heard my dad giggle like a child. He was so excited. We got up and got ready and then went to eat breakfast. I thought that he was doing really well until he wheeled back to the room and promptly lost what he ate. We ventured out to the park with dad sleeping on the bed in the back. We kept trying to talk to him and wake him up but he just wouldn't. He was so groggy and tried to open one eye every once in a while, but couldn't. Mom and I drove to Old Faithful and sat in the car for quite a while before mom finally went to the back and tried waking him up. He did wake up, and wanted to get out of the car-which is why we went there...there was just one minor problem, precipitation! All the way into the park, there was rain, snow, and hail. It was still raining when we wanted to get out, but it's why we were there and so we followed instruction and got him out! With all the gear that we had, we got out and started walking. It would stop raining for just a minute or so so that we could enjoy the walk a little more and mom and I got quite a work out pushing dad a long the path. It was beautiful and I will treasure today even with the rain. When we asked him if he was ready to be done, he kept pushing forward. The only thing that made us turn around was the big pile of snow that was on the path that we couldn't push his chair through. We saw a lot of geysers, hot pools, blue birds, an eagle, a ground squirrel, buffalo, and buffalo poo! We got back into the car and drove around to find some lunch. We stopped and ate at the Grill and dad kept asking me if Jeff was meeting us for lunch and if he drove the other car with the kids. I know that he is getting close. He is so disoriented sometimes. He slept he entire time back to the hotel and then for 4 hours after we got back. I slept too and mom read her book. When I woke up, I asked mom what she wanted to do and she said that she really wanted dad to wake up and so we tried to wake him up and started talking about dinner. He perked up when I said Pizza and so started my quest for pizza in an "off season" West Yellowstone. Every place is closed! I did finally find some and brought it back to the room and is tasted pretty good. We enjoyed dinner together and then mom asked him if he wanted to get in his jammies and he said no-he wanted to go for a ride. We hopped in the car, with dad sitting in a seat. He sat down and said that the seat was ingesting him. He is saying the most funny things. He has always been a joker and so sometimes I see that joker in him. He emptied a bag of souvenirs, faked throwing up...ha ha very funny dad-and we were on our way. We drove a few miles towards Bozeman, saw an eagle, turned around and asked if he was done and he asked to drive back into the park. So we did! We drove a few miles into the park and the sun was setting and we saw a swan, more buffalo, a bull elk with a large rack, some geese, and another ground squirrel. It was fun to have him awake and commenting every once in a while. We got back and he got ready for bed while I talked to my family on the phone. I have to admit...It was nice to say good bye to Jeff as he was breaking something up in the back ground while trying to get Mack to bed. I am kind of on Vacation. It's wonderful!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pirate Ship Quilt

As if I needed another project-let alone a project that intimidates me like quilting....I bought this pattern the other day while I was with my mom that convinced me that I could do this (and that she would help me)!! I am going to make it for Mack's bed for his "new" room (if I ever get around to finishing it)!! Isn't it soooo cute?
Today while I was scouring over the pattern at McDonald's waiting for Mack to finish his lunch, the girl that designed it came up to me and told me that this was her design. If you would like to peek at some more of her designs, check out her blog at www.sweetandshabbydesigns.typepad.com I fell in love with everything of hers!!!


So may of you that read my blog have been wondering about my dad and his condition. I am so grateful for all of the concerning thoughts, sentiments, and prayers that have been said in our behalf. I have written a lot of my own personal thoughts and feelings down in my personal journal. So many of my thoughts and feelings are so personal and private, but I realize that all of you want to know and are curious and so I just wanted to let you know and keep you in the "know". It is part of my life and so a perfect thing to record on my blog.
Things have progressively been getting worse. That really is the progress. It has been very difficult to watch him and my mom as he has struggled with pain and with the reality that is at hand. It has also been a very sacred time in their home and in our family. The time is drawing near and I just can not express my gratitude enough, nor put into words my feelings about the time that we have been able to spend with him.
He has been wanting to go to Yellowstone one last time and the thought or possibility of it all has been in question for a few weeks. Yesterday, the Doctor gave him the go ahead to go and told both my parents that at this point, we are looking at days left-not weeks and so if he wanted to go...NOW would be good. I feel selfish in the fact that I get to be the one to take them. We are heading out in a few minutes after Jeff gets home to gut the van so that we can get a mattress in the back so that he can lay down on the way there and the way back. I am anxious-but so excited and feel privileged to go with them. I am hoping that I can hold it together while we are there. It has gotten harder for me-I am realizing that I am still not ready to let him go. Everyday I pray for strength to just remember that it will be for only a short while until we will be together again. I am going to try to just enjoy and treasure these days that I get to spend with him in his favorite part of the country.
Thank you again for all of your concern and love that you have shown our family.

Blessing #16

I have been born of goodly parents. What a blessing that is! I am so lucky to have these two as my parents and to have been raised by them-and still am being raised by them. I treasure every word that they have to say and any advice is welcome still after all of these years. Sometimes I have something to say for them-but not nearly what they have to offer for me! I was blessed to live with them while growing up and learn what I could from them. I am also so grateful for the love that they had for me and the love that they have, and show, one another. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for them. It has been difficult to watch them struggle the past few years with dad's illness getting worse and worse every year, but I have been blessed to be here in town to see the love that they have for each other grow even stronger! Was that possible? I am so blessed to have them as an incredible example that I would like to follow in my own life. The way that they conduct their lives and serve one another and others around them is an excellent model to anyone. Even now when dad's time is short, they know how to laugh, listen, share, live the gospel, and serve. Blessing #16-Goodly Parents!

Four Generations

I feel a little guilty saying that it has been a joy to have so much family in and out of town because of dad. I would rather those visits not be under the circumstances that they are, but because this is what is at hand, I am appreciating these special times to spend with some people that I may not usually see or spend time with. This past weekend, my grandparents came up to Idaho Falls for a visit and so my Grandma (Grammy), my mom, my daughter, Calli, and me took some four generation photos. It is precious to have a Grandmother, and grandfather still around for me to enjoy. I love them so much and are so happy that we were able to get a FOUR generation picture together. Calli was really getting into it about the third picture and so we kept taking them.