Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Each day, I am amazed that my Heavenly Father entrusted these spirits to come to our home and for us to have charge over them for a little while. They are truly what this life is all about. Having children has been such a joy in my life. There are some stages that I have enjoyed more than others, but right now I am just so in awe by them and by things that they do and continue to say. Their strength continues to strengthen me and their small wisdom gives me something to ponder everyday. I know that we are supposed to be guiding them, teaching and helping them understand the things of life. However, especially this past year, they have taught me, helped me to grow and have guided me to places that I never would have gone without my children. Quentin and his sensitivity to others around him and always listening and faithfully obedient. Calli and the way that she views life and the questions she asks blows me away sometimes and makes me think of finding more out about things as well. The there's Mack...What can I say other than look at his face! This face and the kisses that I STILL get from him is something to live for each day! The gratitude in my heart for these three special people is more than I can express in any word!
I took them out one last summer day before school started and took some really fun photos of them. Idaho Falls has these great benches scattered all over down town and I have to admit that they did an incredible job posing so well and of coarse-it wasn't hard for them to look adorable because they just ARE!! Their faces exude all that they have in their hearts. I can't get enough of them!! Growing up too fast? Yep-but bring it on. I love each new stage better and better!