Sunday, March 27, 2011


I haven't posted for a while so I thought I'd do a little catching up and let everyone know what we have been doing recently.

Calli has been taking some Boogaloo classes at the gym. I tried it once and hated it, but I'm glad that she likes it so much. She is in a kids class and they do a fun job getting the girls to learn the moves and do some fun dances with them. She has been doing it with her friend Hali and Hali's sisters. The instructors have been teaching them some dances for a performance that they were going to have to promote the boogaloo classes at the gym. They were doing Michael Jackson's "Beat it" and so she wanted to dress the part. They were so cute!

One day all of my boys ended up wearing their brown shirts...(Jeff's and Quentin's are exactly the same...good sale at Kohl's) and so I had to take the opportunity to take a photo of my cute boyz! Quentin came to us one day and told us that he was going to go out for Track! What?? I am so proud of this kid! Always trying new stuff and doing his best at whatever he does. Freshman year and trying to get the whole HS experience! We were heading to Boise for a little get a way and his first meet was in Pocatello and so we stopped to watch him. It was sooooooo long, but so fun too. He of coarse is running in two of the last events and so we waited three hours to see him run! He runs the 400 and the mile. What a kid! Mack, Calli, and I headed to Boise after the Track meet! It was such a super fun get-a-way! I usually try to get away and go there around my birthday! It is the most perfect way to celebrate my birthday and completely pamper myself. Actually, my friend Valerie pampers me! She really knows how to entertain guests, and there are a lot of people at the Ross's home and so there is not ever a dull moment there! I love this gal! She has been an amazing friend from the first day I met her!

We did lots of fun stuff! This picture was taken right before we left to go and see one of the lamest movies I have seen for a long time! Red Riding Hood. However, it is a great memory and always will be! We mostly hang out at her house and visit while the kids disappear and only reappear when they're hungry. They love each other so much!
The girls playing Ring-around-the-Rosie.
The girls at our mommy/daughter outing where we ate at the cheesecake factory and shopped until we dropped!
One of our stops was the beauty supply store where it is full of fun goodies that we always check out. One being nail polish. Val was so excited to try it out that she was painting while driving! I was shocked that at every stop light she whipped it out quick and painted a few nails! She is so talented!

Hot tub time is always a favorite there!
Val had seen these duct tape bows somewhere and so we tried to get some tape and recreate them! They were so fun and turned out so cute! A fun cheap craft.
After we got home, Calli and Jeff had a Daddy/Daughter date to go on to the Etiquette Dinner put on by the Activity Day girls/ leaders. Boutonnieres and crosages and everything! Calli even made Jeff wear his purple tie so that they could match their outfits. They were so cute and when they got home told me all about the activity and how much fun it was. Such a cute Daddy/Daughter!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Stick!

So.... lately I have been finding these enormous sticks on my front porch. Just sitting there waiting to be a tripping hazard. I made the mistake of throwing one away one day and upon discovery, got immediately reprimanded by Mack when he informed that that was "HIS STICK"!! Evidently he walks with it to school, hides it somewhere on the school grounds while he is at school and then he grabs it for his walk home. Could it be used for a weapon-sure. Could it accidentally hurt him or someone else? Sure. However, I have let him walk with it everyday and let him store it on the front porch every evening. It's these random things that remind me that he is still so very little and a kid that has fun and an imagination. It also reminds me of my dad. It is so something that Dad would've done and did do as an adult. So every morning, I watch Mack walk out the door and pick up his walking stick to walk to school.