Monday, November 30, 2009

Girls Night Out

$ For Gas to drive down to Utah

$ For tickets to see New Moon

$ For Cheescake Factory

$ For Tickets to see a Billy Joel/ Elton John concert that ended up getting postponed until Feb.

$ For tickets to see another movie that night because the concert was postponed

(Blind Side...Amazing show BTW)

$ For a room at a Salt Lake Hotel with a really hilarious front desk Gal

(A visit to see my Grammy and Papa)

A girls night down in SLC with a good friend, good conversation, and really fun memories to be had for years...PRICELESS!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blessings #27-45

I was supposed to post a blessing every week this year and I have gotten very far behind. I am just going to quickly post of few random some, nonimportant to an important life, but things that I feel a blessing in my life nonetheless!
#27...Diet Pepsi. I know...It is something I shouldn't be consuming as much as I do-but I consider it one of the finer things in life! To get me through some of the crummier things in life.
#28...Spray tan. My friend Val gets this spray tan at one of the beauty supply stores and I love it! Ever since she has told me about it, I buy it with her when I can. In the winter especially I love to just spray my face. It gives me a little bit of sun during the long winter months that aren't so sunny.
#29...Microwaves. I hate to cook. Nuff said!
#30...My bathrobe. Not just for coverage, but warm and fuzzy.
#31...To go with my bathrobe...My fuzzy flip flop Slippers. Love them!!
#32...Automatic doors that open with a push of a button.
#33...My cell phone so that I can do more multi tasking while I am away from my home! And so that my kids can call me when they are sick at school because I am rarely home.
#34...Caramel Corn!
#36...When you're sick...Cold medicine that makes you sleepy.
#37...Adjustable waists on kids jeans! Whoever invented that is a mom for sure!
#38...Romantic comedies.
#39...Alarm Clocks. I'd rather have a rooster-but whatever.
#40...Costume Jewelry.
#41...An address stamp so I don't have to handwrite the whole thing every time.
#42...Portable juice boxes and individually packaged snacks.
#43...Holiday Placemats (i got some new Turkey ones the other day)
#45...An actual letter in the actual snail mail!
Okay! There I am all caught up! Thank you for reading my random blessings!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall 2009

Fall is usually one of my favorite times of the year. Not this year. Mainly because I need some SUNSHINE and I am not ready for winter...and in Idaho Falls, fall usually only lasts 3-4 days before winter hits HARD! But I am trying to embrace it as well as I can. Leaves are a pain to rake and get rid of, but I always love the jumping in them activity. The kids had so much fun this afternoon while they were playing in the leaves.
Jeffs Birthday is October 28th. Last year was his 40th and I did a huge party/movie for him, so this year was mild compared to that, but we still went to his moms and she cooked him dinner and we sang to him while Calli accompanied us on her guitar. Happy Birthday Jeff!!! Hope you had a good one!?
I am not in the "celebrating" mood right now. However, as a mom, you need to go through the motions for your kids because you may have a lot more Halloweens left, or you feel like you have lived your Halloweens already, but your kids are only going to have this year ONCE and so it is my job to just keep on going whether I feel like it or not. The kids are getting so much older and I realize that Halloween will soon become another reason for them to hang out with their friends and maybe wear questionable costumes to a party, or just be too cool to participate period. I tried to embrace Halloween this year for all of those reasons. We didn't do much. The kids picked out their costumes one night and I am always curious about the costume choices. Especially Calli. Never has she been anything "girly". This year it was a gangster! Okay? It was totally her and cute anyway. Mack was a ninja. Quentin has been a little cool for Halloween for a couple of years now but he still went out with Jeff and the kids to participate by helping them eat a few pieces of candy...Jeff had a lot of fun taking the kids out with a couple of other families. Mack pooped out a little early and so Jeff and Calli went around to quite a few more places before they came home, emptied her bag and then went around to a few more streets in my moms neighborhood before they were finally done. It was fun to have him do that with her.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blessing #26

Someone told me the other day that I needed to "loosen up and have a little fun". This new blessing in my life is all "FUN"! I love this new show on FOX. I have to admit that it brings back a lot of fun memories of my high school days in show choir...but mostly, I believe that it is very well written, the characters are so cleverly pieced together and the music...Just go onto iTunes and hear it for yourself. AMAZING!!!! My favorite songs so far have been the Mash-ups!! The two characters above are two of my favorites. I love each character for the unique quality and voice that they bring to the show. Love them!!!
Blessing #26 GLEE