Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baseball 2011

Mack loves to play baseball! From the can tell that he likes to hit and be on base better than the outfield. I love the one where he is yawning. It is so much fun to go and watch him. He has played with the same boys the past few years and all of them have improved so much from year to year. I hope that he always wants to play. I already can't wait until next years season!

Happy Father's Day 2011

 Oh I love this man!! But seeing this picture of him with his kids I wonder if they may love him even more than me! He is pretty darn popular in our home. I am so grateful for all that he does for our family, for the kids and for me.
For Father's Day, the Primary kids made their dads ties in Primary the Sunday before and all of the dads wore them on Father's Day. They were all so fun. Jeff was a super good sport wearing the tie. Luckily all the dads had one on.
 Happy Father's Day Babe!

Mack Turns 8!!

 Mack had his birthday party at the Apple Athletic Club. Since I work there, I got an amazing discount to have a pool party for him there. It was so cold that day, but the kids didn't mind. They had a blast!
 Here's Mack in the hot tub with Christian, Joshy, and Porter. Friends.
 Mack is pretty much attached at the hip to these adorable girls. Nikki and Remi Perez. He HAD to invite them too.
 Happy Birthday my cute boy! I can't believe that you are EIGHT!!!

Laying in our bed that night...a little too much partying?

Pioneer Trek

Right after we got home from Lake Powell, Quentin and Calli went on the Pioneer Trek. This is the only picture I have of them for right now. They said that they were going to get a CD to everyone of the actual Trek. The kids were to leave all electronics behind and to dress like a pioneer and pull a handcart like a pioneer and cook like a pioneer, you get the picture. Once they got there they were divided into families with numerous brothers and sisters and started walking. They had so much fun. They talked about it non stop once they got home and took a very needed shower. I am so glad that they had the chance to go and share that experience with each other. I am also grateful for the pioneers and the example that they set for all of us of sacrifice, endurance, and worship.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lake Powell 2011

Lake Powell is so much fun when we have been able to go. We haven't been able to make it the last couple of times that everyone has gone so we were so excited to be able to go this year. It was a little bitter sweet because the last time we went, we were there with Jeff's dad and grandpa. He loved Lake Powell and so the rest of is loved it with him. We missed him so much but knew that he was so happy that we were all there together and having fun with one another. It was so early in the season and so the water was freezing! Go was coming straight from the snow on the mountains! The water raised so much everyday. It was the fullest that it had been since 1980. It was exciting that the Lake was going to be full this year, but kind of rotten for us who wanted to be in the water...The two times I actually got in it took my breath away! One of those times I got in was on accident. I was trying to get from the jet boat to the house boat and fell into the water in and all! Consequently losing my camera to moisture! Jeff tried to fix it after we tried to get the water out from putting it in a bowl of couscous, but it didn't work. The pictures that I did get are pictures that I had taken before the fall and then some that I have blog lifted! Here's my skeleton collection of photos from that fun week!
I don't mind roughing it a little bit, but don't ask me to go without my finger nail polish!! By the end of one afternoon, every female had their fingers or toes painted thanks to Calli and I. Even the littlest new addition Marlee got her nails painted too. Thanks to Uncle Jeff holding her down while I painted.
Even though it was freezing...some of them still got out to do a little water skiing and tubing. Greg, you still got it!
The girls and Brigg.
One afternoon, we had a little talent show. It was really fun and funny. Calli performed for everyone on her guitar. I could watch this girl all day play and sing! I just love it!! The little ones really got into it singing and dancing and doing some really cute skits! So much fun.
Mack wanting to drive the boat and his first mate Brigham...If these boys ever get old out!
My kids at Rainbow Bridge. I am so glad that they got to go and see this amazing formation.

Jeff was the designated Jet Ski Shoufer. He was always taking the little ones out for rides.
Here's most of the clan. Missing a much fun! Thanks to Grandma for providing us with such fun memories to have forever!