Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Put a Hand Up my Nose!!!

The other night I came home from Parent Teachers Conference at the Middle School (where one of the teachers called Quentin a "teachers dream") and this was the dialogue that I had with Mack upon entering the family room:

Mack: "Mom, I am really, really, sorry but I stuck a hand up my nose."

Me: "Okay, it's alright, just don't do it again. Is it bleeding?" (I have caught him picking his nose and it does bleed sometimes)

Mack: "No-it's not bleeding, but it's still up there!"

Me: "Mack, what is still up there?"

Mack: I put a Lego guys hand up my nose and it won't come out!

Thoughts by me...Oh no! What did he do? I am going to have to go to the emergency room!! I can't afford that for a little thing up his nose! What was he thinking? Jeff's not here...What am I going to? I knew that Mack would be my emergency room kid! Maybe I will be able to get it out with tweezers! Maybe we can just blow it out!

Me: "Okay-it's okay. I will get a tissue and we will try to blow it out."

So...we blew and we blew and we blew and it finally came out. I was relieved. Now, my question to all of you...What do little kids think when they put things up their noses? When I was little, I put a bean up my nose. Myabe this is just payback for my parents sake.


Nicole said...

Oh, how funny!! He's such a funny, cute kid!

Kyla said...

Those are the same thoughts that would race through my head. I'm glad he blew it out!

Julie Ann said...

Hali did the same thing with a blue bead. I still have that plastic bead because it cost us 210 dollars at the doctor to have it removed!