Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy 40th Jeff!!!

Jeff finally turned 40! He has been dreading it for about 3 years now. I know that it is easier for me to make fun of him because on any one of his birthdays, I am 51/2 years his junior. However, I just think that he is one year wiser, hotter, and more amazing!!! I love you BABE! This is a picture of him being surprised at his surprise party where I took him and the family to go see a movie at the local theater, but the movie playing was a movie that I had made all about him from birth to today! On the BIG screen! It was so perfect!! It was exactly how I imagined and even more! It wasn't that hard to keep it from him. The kids didn't even know (except for Q when I had to tell him to be home at a certain time Sat morning so that he could be there in time). There were a lot of family and friends there to celebrate it with us and to laugh at his Don Johnson white suit and my big hair, and to cry when we were watching our family grow and change through the years. A few of the guys (Lacy, Travis, Megan, & Don) from work made some
t-shirts with some silly pictures on them to even give him more attention-
which he hates. It was a blast to surprise him like that.
My friend Julie-Thank you, thank you, thank you for the
idea and for your help in the execution!!!
You are amazing!! Later, we had a small family get together with one of Jeff's brothers and their family, my mom and dad, and Jeff's mom. Here is he with his mom modeling the tie, shirt, and pajama pants that he got for his birthday from all of us! Here's to 40 more sweetheart! I love you!

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