Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some things that happened early 2010

Since I am so far behind, I am just going to recap the early months of 2010. Some of the HIGHLIGHTS.
My Beautiful, AMAZING mother had her 60th birthday!!

Another Nephew comes to the Pinson (Ostenson) Clan!!
Baby #5...Just Jack!

My ADORABLE brother-in-law, Andy came home from his mission in Argentina.


Here's all of the Nelson "BOYZ" now that Andy was home...except for the newest addition Stratton...
(Greg and Becky's 5th)


We officially became true members of the 8B community. They sent these plates to me without even asking my permission!! Anyone have any ideas of how to diplay old liscense plates? I am a little sentimental to my 1A plates!!! I miss you Boise!

Road Trip to Vegas with some great friends. We had so much fun!!! Highlights...Gaining a brand new friend, Lion King, Hash House a Go Go, seeing Ryan, Becca, and the kids, reuniting with my long friend, Leslee!

And one of my favorite things that happened this spring was Mack's 1st grade class doing a dance presentation of dances through the years. They did Stayin' Alive, YMCA, Fishin' in the Dark, the Electric Slide, the Macarena, etc. It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Mack and his buddy Justin both dressed in their best suits and were just your regular Blue's Brothers out there "gettin' down" together. I do believe that they were the stars of the show!! I am including a short video that will give you just a teaser. They were soooo dang cute!