Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The kids and I decorated sugar cookies on Monday night to deliver to a few of our neighbors. I love to do this with our kids. We do it for almost every holiday. They turned out cute and we had a really great time wrapping them up and delivering them to some of our neighbors.

So, I finished a book today and was sad that it was over. I even got "man tears" (a new term that we use frequently that my brother-in-law's when you get tears in your eyes, but they don't spill over) I was that sad. There are a lot of really great things that I learned about myself while I was reading that book which is probably why I loved it so much. One thing that the author says about herself is that for her to really be able to open her heart and love someone else, she needed to love herself first before she could love someone else. I have heard that before and understand it a little better this past year. I feel like we all love someone a little more as we get to know them better. Why shouldn't it be the same for ourselves? I am grateful for the things that I have learned about myself in the last little while and love myself more for it.
The other day, my instructor at the gym said that a New Years Resolution she made for herself was not to break promises to herself. I thought that that was kind of silly-but the more I thought about it and the more I have paid attention this past month, I realize that I make a lot of promises to other people and make some to myself. I never break my commitments to other people, but break them with myself sometimes. So-for this Valentine's Day, I have decided that to show the greater love to myself that I have gained recently, I am going to promise not to break promises that I make to myself. I have a feeling that it will be a good thing for me and for others that I am surrounded by as well. Happy Valentine's Day to me!