Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween 2008

Our Halloween was pretty low key this year. We have started the years when not all of our children go Trick or Treating anymore. If I had known that last year was my last with all three-I would've tried to make a bigger deal of it...However, it was really fun! We started by having a Halloween party with Mack's Kindergarten class the day before and it was so much fun. The kids had a great time. So did us moms!! My friend Ranay is the room mother and she recruited me to help. I didn't do much except to be there and to read a Halloween story. Mrs. Kholer, their teacher, had dressed up like a clown and all day she had told the kids that she was Mrs. Kholers cousin, Grenelda and they beleievd her! It was hilarious! One of the kids eventually took her red ball nose off and she was found out! Some of the kids were just so surprised!!! It was a fun party. They made really cute finger puppets for the craft, ate cookies and juice for a snack, played pumpkin and ghost bowling, and listened to my story-which I think they liked! Near the end of the school day, all of the school had a costume march where they paraded around the school and they all got to show off their costumes to one another. Mack's teacher was being so silly and dancing around to the Halloween music. It was a lot of fun.
Reading John Pigs Halloween

Ranay-Ooh la la!

The Whole Kindergarten Clan

On Halloween night, Jeff and I took our Darth Vader, our Soda Pop girl, Quentin, and their Grandma Nelson over to Trunk-or-Treating at the church and then we reluctantly went into the church for a Halloween carnival. It was fun-but it was hard for me especially to be responsible for something when all I wanted to do was to take my kids out and T-OR-T! It was fun though. I was in charge of the face painting and the kids were sure fun to interact with and get stuff on their faces. Jeff was also in charge of a game and so our kids ran around for a while on their own until I could sneak away and participate with them. Afterwords, we still went around to a few houses and so much fun with the kids! It was my favorite part of the night!

I loved Calli's costume! I had had a crazy busy couple of weeks and so one night I told Jeff to go to the store and help her pick something out and to my surprise they came home with this adorable outfit! We painted some old slip on shoes of hers to look like saddle shoes. That night, she wore her roller blades to skate around the parking lot. It's her new activity that she is trying to master and it was fun for her to be able to show off her abilities to others more than her family!

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