Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I didn't capitalize my title because I don't want to put too much emphasis on it. I gained a pound this past week. I have been a little distracted with a lot of different things and I am okay with gaining only because I feel like I wasn't paying enough attention to it. I am a little more on track this week and committed to do well. Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I love my guyz! What can I say??? This is what I have been seeing lately around my house that has to do with my GUYZ. Quentin and Jeff both love to read. I don't-so I can't relate-but I love that they both love to read. At night, when Quentin is bored after the other kids have gone to bed, we find him in our room with us reading or watching a movie with us. Last night, this is what I came home to after going out for a while. Move over Quentin! I'm home! (Quentin has read 6 books since he went back to school after Christmas break!!! He is still pulling straight 'A's)
My other GUY, Mack, loves "guys". Anything that has to do with lego guys, Star Wars guys, Army guys, Cowboys and Indian guys, the list goes on and on. If they can carry a gun, or hold some sort of prop, or have a helmet, face mask, etc...added BONUS! I find them all over the house!!!! Last week while Jeff was out of town, I was busy doing a bunch of Young Women stuff and I was up and down all levels of my house and found all of these various "GUYS" hangin' out all over!

These guys were lined up inside the rings of my YW binder.

These guys were hangin' out on the edge of the tiles going downstairs.

When I climbed into bed that night, there were a pair of stormtroopers guarding where I was to sleep. I actually felt more safe and protected when I went to sleep that night.

I love my guyz too. Life would just not be the same without them!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Sorry that I am late on my weekly report. I was happy to see the scale finally move to minus one more. Thank heaven for small things! It helped me feel like I could keep going. I was feeling a little bit frustrated lately about the whole thing especially when Jeff got home from Vegas and he got on the scale and has lost 10 lbs himself since Thanksgiving??? HUH?? I guess that he has been trying to eat better! I didn't know about it-but it helped me to know that I can do it too. Wish me luck! Thanks for all of your comments and all that you say in person too. It has helped a lot.

Monday, January 12, 2009

No change in weight minus 2.75 inches!

Okay- I don't have any weight loss to report this week-but I decided to do my measurements on my own-but because of my disappointing no loss I decided to report that I randomly measured myself this week (I haven't done it since I started) and I have lost 2.75 inches!! Half of those are off my hips which is where I would like to lose. Yeah for me!! This week Jeff is gone the whole week-can anyone say LONELY???? I am going to try really hard to not eat after 7:30 and commit to my exercising!! It's obviously helping...a little! By small and Simple means...he he!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to minus 6!

I am not sure why...because I wasn't super careful this past week-but I did well with my exercise. Anyhow, I feel great to be back where I was before the holidays! Jeff is starting to travel and the junk food has started calling my name because I eat when I am lonely-so I am going to especially try really hard to exercise while he's gone instead of eating!!! Good luck to me. I figure if I can lose 1lb this week and work really hard to lose 2 while he's in Vegas next week, I will be three lbs lighter when he gets home!!! That's a lot!

Monday, January 5, 2009

25 Favorite things about Christmas

Instead of uploading all of my favorite pictures from Christmas one by one, I decided to do a cute movie. Watch and see all of the excitement we had! Make sure you pause my music to the right so you can hear the movie music.

I tend to ramble a lot and so I am just going to recap with my 25 favorite things

1. Matching aprons my mom made for all of the girls (Jeff got a Raiders one).

2. Pillowcases for the boys (raiders for Q and a pirate one for Mack)

3. Mary (Liz) riding on the Donkey (Q) for our kids Nativity.

4. The three Shepherds that saw the star (Mack, Seth, and A)...they were soooo adorable!

5. My toffee

6. Having my parents sleep over Christmas Eve (Joe and Bethany were there too).

7. Finger foods Christmas Eve...YUMO!

8. Our gift cards from Quenalee to finish up our food storage!!!! Thank you!!! thank you!!!!

9. Guitar Hero that Santa brought! Everyone can play!

10. Watching Kipper play the drums in his undies!

11. We definitely had a white Christmas!

12. Our cars kept working, and no accidents (with our cars). We were surrounded by others who had quite a few car problems and I was just waiting for something to happen with ours!

13. Jeff wasn't hurt in the accident that he was in with his brother!

14. My light up pajama pants that Jeff got me:-)

15. Watching Quentin build his Star Wars Lego ship quicker than ever!!

16. Watching White Christmas for the first time ever and loving it! (Thanks Julie!)

17. Kipper chucking the whole reindeer food container into the snow!!

18. Seeing my dad open presents with his coat on all morning (I guess I could have turned the heat up or offered him a robe or sweater!!:-)

19. Having the kids wake us up too early... they actually went down in the basement to finish watching a movie from the night before just as we asked so that we could sleep 1/2 hour more!

20. Being with our families and talking to those on the phone far and near! Jon and Joe and their families came from Utah, as well as Ben. Michael and Rachel came over to our home for Christmas Eve with their adorable kids!

21. Gaining only a couple of lbs and not 5-8 like the average!

22. The peppermint cleaning supplies my sister sent me! Smells yummy!

23. Having Jeff home off work for 4 1/2 days!!!
24. Our gold star that we passed around in our home all of December doing "good deeds" for one another.
25. Remembering our Savior's birth.