Monday, November 30, 2009

Girls Night Out

$ For Gas to drive down to Utah

$ For tickets to see New Moon

$ For Cheescake Factory

$ For Tickets to see a Billy Joel/ Elton John concert that ended up getting postponed until Feb.

$ For tickets to see another movie that night because the concert was postponed

(Blind Side...Amazing show BTW)

$ For a room at a Salt Lake Hotel with a really hilarious front desk Gal

(A visit to see my Grammy and Papa)

A girls night down in SLC with a good friend, good conversation, and really fun memories to be had for years...PRICELESS!!!


Kyla said...

ah, I'm glad you got to have a girl's night. They're important. You should've used us as your motel!

Meek Family said...

I agree, Girls Nights Out are the BEST!!! Hope that you'll be having Scrap N Chat again after the New Year. Hang in there - you are the best.