Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blessing #46

I was finishing up on the decorating for Christmas this morning. I was setting up all of the nativities that we own. Most of them are Calli's. Grandma Nelson gets her one every year for Christmas. Some of them have angels that go with them. This year I felt differently about the angels as I was placing them in their position watching over the nativity. I am little ashamed to admit that all of the other years, I have hesitated to place the angels. I feel almost sacrilegious saying that-but it is true. I am not sure what held me back...If I can be so bold, I wasn't sold on the angel idea. I believed in angels I guess. The scriptures speak of angels. However, I wasn't sure, for sure, until this past year. I can now say that we have angels watching over us and looking out for our best interest and they are assisting our Heavenly Father in the work with the Living and on the other side. I am truly blessed to know that there are angels, true angels among us.
Blessing #46...Angels

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