Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blessing #26

Someone told me the other day that I needed to "loosen up and have a little fun". This new blessing in my life is all "FUN"! I love this new show on FOX. I have to admit that it brings back a lot of fun memories of my high school days in show choir...but mostly, I believe that it is very well written, the characters are so cleverly pieced together and the music...Just go onto iTunes and hear it for yourself. AMAZING!!!! My favorite songs so far have been the Mash-ups!! The two characters above are two of my favorites. I love each character for the unique quality and voice that they bring to the show. Love them!!!
Blessing #26 GLEE


Kass said...

I'm going to have to check it out of the loop these days (well, pretty much all the time, but oh well)!

Kyla said...

Love it too. It's back on next week, shew!

Livin' the Dream said...

Ok, is that why I haven't found Episode 9 on hulu???? I've been going nuts. I thought maybe FOX took it off hulu.
BTW, who in the world told you to loosen up and have fun? You are the most fun person I know!!
Love you!