Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hamster Farewell

We lost Dashette on Thursday, October 1st. Calli ran upstairs that morning to tell me that Dashette was dead. She was with a friend and they rattled some stuff off about how Hali was going to pick her up and they found that she was stiff. Then, they ran out of my room. I wasn't sure what to think of the tornado that just exited my room. I went downstairs to asses exactly what happened and how she felt. I asked how she was feeling and she started tearing up. I gave her a hug and she started crying even more. Luckily my friend was there too and she told the girls that they should start planning a funeral. The plans began. They were on a mission! Out came the crayons, scissors, stickers, boxes and paper. In just moments, they had invitations, a headstone, necklaces, and plans for each of them to make a kind of cookies for the funeral.

We had the funeral out in the backyard. They had scouted out a special spot to place her. They started by having the boys carry her in a special box. They placed her in the hole and then Mack placed the dirt on top and then Calli placed the stone. Then we each said a few words about Dashette. We talked about how naughty she was with all of her escaping and roaming around the house without permission. We talked about he running like crazy in her wheel and how it drove us crazy during the night. We joked about how Grandpa must have wanted a pet in heaven with him. There were a few tears but mostly smiles and laughing. At the end we were able to eat the yummy cookies the girls had made. We all really grew to love Dashette, even me. I know that Calli will miss her. She did a great job taking care of her first pet.


Ranay said... deepest condolences, Nelson Family (but especially Calli). She lived a good, good life. But seriously, me and Derick got a kick out of reading about this!

Jon Ostenson said...

That sounds like a great funeral, even cookies! Dashette will be missed.

Nicole said...

Oh no!!! NIA is upset that your Mouster died!!! So sorry!!

val said...

Oh Callie, I was once a young pet owner that was greived with loss. Ask me about my homemade headstone, made from my wood burning kit. My deepest condolences for Dashette.

Meek Family said...

Such a great idea. Calli and Hali were sharing it with me at Activity Days as well because we lost our pet fish. Unfortunately, dad just flushed him.