Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blessing #23

After being in the hospital for four days with my husband (Please don't be alarmed...he's fine)....There couldn't be a better blessing than my sister's blog with her recent posts about Bertha. Here's the link so that you all call be blessed. http://www.saraslivinthedream.blogspot.com/
Blessing #23..A Humorous Sister to give me a good belly laugh
I guess maybe I am happy that I am sitting in the hospital instead of being pregnant.


Meek Family said...

I was a little lost, so I had to find out who Bertha was. Funny!!!! So glad I'm not Bertha, little scare last week but it turned out to be a little flu. Best wishes for Jeff's recovery and health.

Kyla said...

Nothing's better than laughing through tears. Hope Jeff gets better soon!!!

Nicole said...

That was funny and rings true- and did you notice that picture has a strange resemblance to me? I bet she's not wearing a bra either ;)

Livin' the Dream said...

I feel like a celebrity to be on Becca's bodacious blog!!!

Becky said...

Now you will have a Bertha on both sides of the family! Yikes! i loved reading her blog, and knowing that I'm not as lazy as I thought...Just Pregnant!:) Sorry about Dashette, cute funeral stuff! B