Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blessing #22

Modern Medicine is a wonderful blessing. Modern Medicine gives people a new lease on life everyday! They are continually coming up with new and improved things and curing diseases and vaccinations to prevent, etc etc. Jeff has really been struggling with his health the last few years and although there have been sometimes when the doctors are as frustrated as we are and throw their hands up as well, most of them have given it their all and have tried to help Jeff. Through our frustrations with it, and them not always knowing how to "heal" him, I am often reminded of something my dad said when he told me one time that that is why they call it a medical "practice". Modern Medicine was able to remove Jeff's Gall Bladder a couple of weeks ago without having to cut across his belly! Modern Medicine helped to prolong my dad's life so that we could be with him a few years longer. I was watching a segment about cancer the other day and they were mentioning that there are some vaccines for some cancers now. It is amazing! What developing minds there are out there. I am grateful for Modern Medicine in my life and that there are people out there with this desire and passion to heal, help and to protect.
Blessing #22...Modern Medicine


Kyla said...

I've been giving Seth antibiotics for his ear all week and I feel the same way! He would've had to use a heating pad on his ear in the olden day.:)

Kass said...

Amen! I had my first ever migraine on Sunday and it about killed me until the Excederin kicked in. I hope Jeff feels better w/out the Gall bladder.

Amber said...

I hope this "cures" the problems. we continually have you in our thoughts and prayers:)LV U!