Friday, April 17, 2009

Blessing #13

Alex (Jeff's Brother) called us the other night and told us that he had gotten engaged to Anna. We had met her the weekend before and we definitely approved of after calling us one night and asking his older brother what he thought...the next phone call was that they were engaged. Congratulations guys!!! She is adorable and we already love her as part of our family. They of coarse are ADORABLE together!!! It is fun to watch them be so in love. Sometimes people say that "young love " is a little sickening...I believe that those who say that are just jealous. I have even caught myself saying it or thinking it-however...I for one am grateful to be around the young love. It always reminds me of my own time in life when I was like that with Jeff. I like to think that we are still like that every once in a while-but young love is a good reminder for all of us that we can still be "in love" with those we have been with for many years. Blessing #13-YOUNG LOVE!!! Sigh!


Ranay said...

Ahhh...Isn't that the truth!

Kass said...

They are so cute! YOUNG LOVE-I guess next we will live vicariously through our kids.

Meek Family said...

Somedays I just wake up and go "Where did these 3 kids come from?" Time flies so quickly and that new love feeling sometimes gets lost in the grind. It's good to remember.