Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little behind!!

I feel a little behind in my blogging. This is important to me and so I have made sure that I still keep up on it. There are a lot of things that have happened in the last little bit that I would like to post briefly.
With my dad mostly home bound, my mom tries to get out every once in a while and so I am the proud owner of the "babysitting" job every once in a while. A few days I have had the privilege to go over for quite a few hours and have enjoyed spending time with my dad, but when he goes to sleep I have tried to get something done while I am there. I have been taking my scrap book stuff over and have got quite a bit done. I still have a long ways to go-I am so far behind...but I am grateful for the chance to squeeze it in. When I am home, I am surrounded by all of the things that I should be doing there and so to be forced to leave all of my chores there, it has given me the opportunity to get so much done.


The kids had spring break a couple of weeks ago and boy did we have fun!!! HAR HAR HAR! Sara and her kids were here that week and we did have a lot of fun with them...but the weather left something to be desired! My children (as well as their mother) are very very ready for SPRING!!!! And so when "spring break" came around, we were expecting a little warmer weather than what we got that week! Calli was dying to go to the park so badly and so one day-we finally ventured out to the park. The minute we got to the park, the dark clouds rolled in and it started snowing! Yes-snowing! I love Idaho Falls. So here are the pictures that I got of the kids freezing and wet at the park. They still tried to play and have fun for a little while. I loved that Sara and her kids came with us. They made for great entertainment! We giggled a lot from our cozy warm cars!! This is Sam and Emily. They were both crying and ready to get out of the "spring" weather!

Calli in her Easter Dress that she bought with Grandma.

Easter weekend was a little nicer weather and we had a nice Easter day. We went up Nelsons to have dinner and an Easter egg hunt and to visit Grandpa's grave. We did the balloons with notes attached for Grandpa-but they didn't keep their helium (or Helaman as Quenalee kept saying) and so they just kind of floated a long with the wind until they got caught by a distant tree. Grandpa knew what the kids wrote and knows how much we love him and miss him. Jeff gave a short message about Easter and the Resurrection of our Savior and how some day we will all be able to be with Grandpa and each other forever. Even though we miss him-it really is a special thing to have someone that we love in Heaven.The "HUNT"

After our Easter with the Nelson clan, we headed back to Idaho Falls to have some time with the Ostensons. Ben, Joe, and his family were there as well as Michael's Family. The kids flew their kites out in the street and it made for some great entertainment for sure! Grandpa even made it out to watch some of the show for a while.

We got there in time to partake of the traditional Easter Bunny cake that mom always makes each Easter. So fun to have traditions and use them to keep the family one. It is really fun to have the grand kids participating in traditions that we all had growing up.


Nicole said...

I'm glad to catch up with you. You and your family have been in my thoughts. I'm so happy that you've been able to spend time with family and get scrapbooking done!! Ah, young love, what I wouldn't give for a cheesy nuzzle from my "boyfriend".

Kass said...

Looks like you all made the best of the break-even if it didn't feel like Spring. Glad you get to spend some quiet time with your Dad away from the looming chores at home.

Is not even starting 3 kids' scrapbooks even considered behind? Someday :)