Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blessing #12

Dad and his girls!

My Sister. My one and only one! I love her so much. I love all of my siblings so much-but having only one sister is a special thing. We are 8 years apart (almost to the day). On the day that she was blessed as a baby, I received the Holy Ghost after being baptized the day before. We never had to share clothes but did share a bed for many years while I was still at home. I remember many nights of giggles and fighting over who had more room (she says I was a bed hog!). She plays an amazing piano and even more-she plays the organ. In High School, she did the hurdles in track and ran cross-country. I did gymnastics and show choir. She was an amazing student-I was a very talented socialite. As adults we have a lot in common. We are the only ones that brought male in-laws to the family...he he. We both have children even though she has beat me out in numbers as the younger sister. We both love to scrap book-I wish we lived by one another so we could do it together. We are both serving in the Young Women organization which is fun to compare. We are both very different as well as we should be. As far as physical differences, she is teeny tiny and blonde. Small and mighty. She has four children, home schools the older ones, and thrives on educating them and helping them to learn all about their worlds! She is amazing in that way! This way that she shows her love to her children is incredible to me and so admirable. I could never do it!! Good Job Sara! I am all for public education and quiet mornings to myself!

She left on Saturday after being here in Idaho Falls for two weeks! It was the longest she has come to stay since she was married and we had such an enjoyable time with her and her family. It was great to be able to have her here and to spend a good amount of time with her. Can you believe that I didn't vacuum for two weeks because I was too busy spending all of my time with her. Sorry house! This week, my blessing # 12 is my sister Sara. I love you and am so grateful to have you in my life.


Nicole said...

I'm so glad you got to spend time with your sis. She sounds great - makes me want to call my own sis just to say hello, I love you.

Zenica said...

I always wanted a sister. You are truly blessed.

Sara said...

Hey-could we type that up and use it for my obituary?? :-) Geesh-you're nice!

Kass said...

Priceless photo & amazing sister. She sounds incredible like you & the rest of your family.