Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blessings #1, #2, #3, & #4

I am starting my 52 blessings. I am going to start with the obvious blessings that everyone expects me to put down, but they are the things that I would tell anyone if they just asked me randomly what my top 4 blessings are. My first 4 blessings of 2009 are

#1 Jeff
What would I ever do without this amazing man in my life? He has been the best thing that has ever come into my life! He is my ROCK, my best friend, the LOVE of my life, my children's amazing Father, his mother's wonderful 1st son, my parent's favorite son-in-law (he he! J/K Sam!), our incredible provider, and has an amazing way of making me be myself and know who I am-because without him I am not sure who I would be. I am grateful for him and for the 16 plus years that we have known one another!

He helps me fold my laundry when I've had a big day and haven't gotten to it. He organizes the kids' toys ALL the time-sometimes to my demise! He fixes my toothbrush before we go to bed, gets my water for my bedside table, and lays out my blanket in case I get cold...we sound like an OLD couple. The other night, I came home from mutual and he had deep cleaned two of my bathrooms! What a guy! I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to spend eternity with him!

#2 My Oldest Son Quentin

Sometimes I don't even know what to say about my son Quentin. Jeff and I just sit and wonder where he came from sometimes! He is one of the most incredible people that I have ever met! I would say that even if he wasn't my son. He is an outstanding student. Most times he will have over 100 percent in his classes. He loves to read like you would not believe, play games on the computer and the Wii, hang out with mom and dad after the other kids go to bed, and he especially loves the Gospel. His testimony is greater than some adults I know. The leaders at church have expressed to me several times what a great Young man he is and what a special testimony and tender heart he has. He and his sister have always had a very special relationship and we have always loved the way that they treat each other with so much kindness and respect. Now don't get me wrong, he can be very "typical" for a 12 year old some days too. I believe that I can see all of those teen years approaching soon, but neither Jeff nor I believe that he will be a trial during those years. I am so excited to see what his future will bring and enjoyed every second that we have been blessed to have him in our loves.

#3 My precious Daughter Callianne

She is so precious to me not just because she is our only girl, but because I see so much of myself in her! I watch her doing a lot of the same things that I did when I was her age. It is spooky sometimes. She is so creative and willing to try just about anything that doesn't put her at the center of attention (that is something that she didn't get from me-she's all dad that way!) She loves to be with either brother. Being in the middle, she always has someone to play with. If Q isn't interested at the time, she resorts to Mack and they have so much fun together. She has a contagious smile and giggle-especially when she and Quentin are goofing around. They get so loud and kind of obnoxious, but I inevitably start laughing with them because I just can't resist that giggle and smile! She is an incredible student and all of her teachers have always loved her and how sweet she is. She has a lot of friends, but is kind of a homebody and would rather play with her brothers than any of her friends. She has her own "style"...She loves to experiment with her clothes and hair. She is very fun to go shopping with and believe me-we both love to go shopping! I love her to death and have enjoyed having one daughter to play with! She is a precious blessing.
#4 My little Mack!

Kiss, kiss, kiss! Mack is my three kiss kisser. One on the lips and one on each cheek!! Last night he gave me really long kisses. When he stops doing that, it will be a very sad day! Mack is the "funny" in our home. He cracks all of us up!!! This morning I heard him tooting at the counter at breakfast and he said "That's number seven!" Only Mack would be counting and at breakfast at that! I call him my little "Indiana" for Indiana Jones. He is always wearing his shirt tucked in, with a belt and holster with the gun of the day pointing at something. Don't watch him play though-you'll get in trouble! I have to watch him from a distance and I just smile and chuckle to myself because he is such a good pretender and he is usually playing all by himself! He loves Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Army guys, Transformers, and anything that has a gun and that blows up. We frequently hear the blowing up sounds all over our house. He has the most toothless grin I have ever seen. He has been without his front teeth for so long, I am sure he will just look weird with teeth. He doesn't particularly love going to school, but he does and usually says that he has a good day. He folds his arms at church when he asks to go to the bathroom during Sacrament Meeting. He loves to play with any neighbor that will come over, but will settle for Calli if she's willing. He loves his dad to tuck him in-but only mom can sing his bedtime song. I am glad that I still have him for company during part of the day. I will miss my pretzel eating mall buddy when he goes to 1st grade. What a joy he has brought to our family these 5plus years he has been with us.
Blessings #1 Jeff, #2 Quentin, #3 Callianne, #4 Mack Daddy-O
I love YOU blessings!

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Kass said...

I love that you are doing the 52 Blessings project! It was awesome getting to know your sweet family a little better. They are so cute!

I just realized we both have little kindergarten boys. So fun!