Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blessing #7

Last summer we bought these little potted blooming trees that I totally fell in love with because they had these small purple blossoms with yellow centers all over the foliage. I HAD to have them. They were a splurge that I usually don't participate in but I loved them and so we purchased them. One thing that drew me to them was that they would live even during the winter if they were brought indoors so to avoid the freezing temperatures. Something to bring me joy year after year? Definitely worth the money I was to spend then! I brought them indoors for the winter and they bloomed for the first month that I had them inside, but quit after long. They are still enjoyable (and alive surprisingly with my black thumb that I have). This morning, I was sweeping my kitchen floor and was over by the back door when much to my surprise, I saw a purple bloom peeking out from behind some of the green leaves!! I lit up-with no one else around and a smile came to my face knowing that spring is just around the bend!!! I am sure that all of you are excited about the warmer weather as well as I am-but there is just something more that I am thankful for that is a blessing in my life. Spring represents new life, a new season and a new beginning. I know that everyone has hard times sometimes and that I am not alone, but lately I have felt more than ever before in my life that I am looking forward to a new beginning. I know how to make it happen, I just haven't figured out how to put all of those pieces together and make it happen-or at least happen quicker than it seems to be happening. I am not the most patient person or else I am not learning quickly enough what I need to learn. With that being said, this flower gave me the hope that I needed today to keep on going and to learn more about myself and my surroundings so that I can facilitate that "new beginning". Today I am blessed to be able to have new beginnings and to be better than I was before and to have a hope for what is to come.


Nicole said...

Pretty flower and you are an amazing person. I'm glad you found a source of hope - they are always needed. I am excited for Spring myself - it's a wonderful change from winter.

Kass said...

What a cool plant! I have never really attempted "live" plants in my house either. (I have the same black thumb I guess) It really is beautiful and does signify a lot. I wish you well on your new beginning. They are so refreshing and for me bring much needed hope when I'm in a rut. Love ya!

Meek Family said...

What a pretty plant. I'm am so anxious for spring to get out and work in my gardens. Plants bring a lot of peace and joy into my life.