Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to minus 6!

I am not sure why...because I wasn't super careful this past week-but I did well with my exercise. Anyhow, I feel great to be back where I was before the holidays! Jeff is starting to travel and the junk food has started calling my name because I eat when I am lonely-so I am going to especially try really hard to exercise while he's gone instead of eating!!! Good luck to me. I figure if I can lose 1lb this week and work really hard to lose 2 while he's in Vegas next week, I will be three lbs lighter when he gets home!!! That's a lot!


Julie Ann said...

You are doing awesome! Maybe we can have a joint photoshoot! You can be Miss November.

Joe O said...

It must be those flashy pants you exercise in. Those must really motivate you.

Ranay said...

I love Julie's comment - but I want to be November - I'll be the plump turkey!!! Way to go with the minus - keep up the good work!