Monday, January 12, 2009

No change in weight minus 2.75 inches!

Okay- I don't have any weight loss to report this week-but I decided to do my measurements on my own-but because of my disappointing no loss I decided to report that I randomly measured myself this week (I haven't done it since I started) and I have lost 2.75 inches!! Half of those are off my hips which is where I would like to lose. Yeah for me!! This week Jeff is gone the whole week-can anyone say LONELY???? I am going to try really hard to not eat after 7:30 and commit to my exercising!! It's obviously helping...a little! By small and Simple means...he he!


Nicole said...

Great job on losing inches!!! Keep it up. If you get lonely at all especially at night - you can call me I'm up!

Meek Family said...

Good job on losing inches. You are probably gaining muscle with your workouts so your metabolism with increase. Yeah!!!