Sunday, December 5, 2010


After the TURKEY!!! Nap time! (Originally football viewing time. Must not have been a very good game...)
The place cards turned out so cute! My daughter is soooo creative!!!
All of the adults were pilgrims and the kids were Indians.

The Farming Game! A family favorite!

The girls had to decorate the chalk board...

I got to host Thanksgiving this year!!! I was so excited! It started because both of our moms were either going to be out of town or none of our siblings were coming home....long story short, I decided to cook and host and I got my way even though everyone else's plans changed! It was super fun! I loved every minute of it! Jon and his family were in town and so we had them over with my mom and Michael's' family made it too after spending some time with Rachel's family. We had all of the regular stuff for the meal followed by lots of delicious desserts. As always, there was a lot of game playing, turkey cookie decorating, cousin sleep overs, and family fun, fun, fun! One of my favorite parts was the adorable little place cards that Calli and Maddie made for the table! I thought they turned out sooooo cute! I have to admit that this Thanksgiving not just was special to me because I was able to host Thanksgiving dinner at my house, but because of where I am in my life right now. Last year at this time, I was in a different place living an entirely different life. That may sound weird to anyone that may not know details of my last year, but the gratitude that I have in my heart to where I am today, to where my family is today reaches farther than I can even express! I know that usually at Thanksgiving we are grateful for a lot of different things, but this year I have a greater understanding and gratitude for what true happiness is and can be if we do the things that we are asked by our Heavenly Father. I am extremely grateful for the atonement. For second chances. For third chances. For forth chances, etc. I am thankful to my Savior! I know he LIVES! For that knowledge I am grateful!

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Meek Family said...

Calli, Your Pilgrims and Indians are great. It looks like you had a fun filled Thanksgiving.