Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas at Nelson's

Christmas at Nelsons came early this year. December 11th is the anniversary date of our Grandfather, husband, and father's passing and we usually try to get together to do something. We have gone to the temple in the past, but this year, Quenalee decided to have our Christmas a little early on this weekend because Ryan and Becca were home to celebrate with us. We had a really special evening together. What a great way to remember Galen-just being together as a family, enjoying being together, and celebrating our Savior's birth. Quenalee out did herself again of coarse. The kids are getting a little bit older so it wasn't as chaotic as it has been in the past. It was great!!!
Becky, me, Quenalee, Lacey, and Becca (yes, three of us are Rebecca names)
All of the girls. We talked about how we never get any pictures of ourselves. We are the ones always taking the pictures! We talked so much about it, that we ended up having a ton of cameras taking pictures and so they didn't turn out that great-but at least we are documented!! Quenalee is almost double our ages, but looks like she is the same age as all of us! Geesh! If I could only look that good when I am her age!!

The boys chatting after dinner-before the festivities! These are always some of my favorite pictures!! I love seeing them enjoy one another so much!
These are the little boys before the festivities. They know how to be BOYZ!!

Once we got everyone gathered and settled down, we told the kids that they were in charge of the nativity. Quenalee wasn't sure what to do to get it arranged and I told her that a few years ago, all of the Ostenson cousins got together to do it and they did it all on their own. Quentin and the big girls headed it up and they did such a nice job. Quentin read the story from the scriptures and the little ones acted it out. Brinley was Mary and rode in on Grandma's rocking horse with Brigham (Joseph) on her side. Rachel was the star drawn on paper, the "girls" (a.k.a. Olivia, Calli, and Kylee) were the three wise men, and Mack carried in a sheep, being the shepherd that followed the paper star. It was written by the scriptures, but produced and acted all by the children. ADORABLE!!!
Then the gift opening happened. Here's Briggy and Mack in their hats. Mack wore it off the back of his head so as not to mess up his fauhawk!
Here are all of the Princesses. Rachel got dress-up stuff from Calli and loved it! The big girls all got matching Jammies from Grandma! Soooo cute!

Calli can be such a poser!! I don't know where she gets that!

We all pitched in and got Grandma a camera for Christmas!! However, my sister-in-law ordered it online and it hadn't come in the mail yet, so she got a tore out picture of it from an add. Hopefully she gets it soon!
Brinley loves all of her uncles ad knows how to show it too! She is such a little lover!
Greg and Becky enjoying some time together without having ONE child on either on of their laps! Very rare!


Nicole said...

What a fun night! So glad that you all were together!

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

We had so much fun! Thanks for spending so much time with us!