Monday, December 6, 2010

Student of the MONTH!

I know! I know! You won't believe this!! Here I am again!

Mack came home today...a little background...Last Monday he had taken a practice test for spelling and had missed 14!! Yikes! However, he was so proud that after lots of hard work all week, he got his test back today and he had only missed one and it was only because he had miss heard it! So proud!

Then it was Calli's turn to share that she had gotten a 100% on her Eastern Civilization test last week. She has an amazing ability to memorize things! I never had that ability! Way to go Girl!

Then when Q followed them a half hour later, he brought me a certificate that he received for the 9th grade boy Student of the Month. It may not seem like a huge deal, but then we started thinking about how he probably has 250 boys in his 9th grade class, and one for each month is 9 all together for the year! That was fun to see him smiling...however when I wanted a picture of that smile, there was much hesitation, but he did because he loves me soooo much. This kid is amazing!! I get teary every time I think that I only have him in my home for a few more years!!! He is so much more that this certificate, but of coarse I am proud of him!!

I have smart kids! I wonder where they got it!!!??????


Sara said...

HEY! When did Calli get braces?!
Can't wait to see you and your shuper shmart kids! (guess we're giving Jeff the credit...:-)

Nicole said...

: )

Becky said...

HEy, I have missed your posts, but I thought it was my mistake, I couldn't figure out how to get into your blog because the internet kept kicking me out! So it was fun to finally see what you have been up to! Cya this weekend!B

Kyla said...

Yay, Mack, Calli, and Quentin!!