Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blessings #27-45

I was supposed to post a blessing every week this year and I have gotten very far behind. I am just going to quickly post of few random some, nonimportant to an important life, but things that I feel a blessing in my life nonetheless!
#27...Diet Pepsi. I know...It is something I shouldn't be consuming as much as I do-but I consider it one of the finer things in life! To get me through some of the crummier things in life.
#28...Spray tan. My friend Val gets this spray tan at one of the beauty supply stores and I love it! Ever since she has told me about it, I buy it with her when I can. In the winter especially I love to just spray my face. It gives me a little bit of sun during the long winter months that aren't so sunny.
#29...Microwaves. I hate to cook. Nuff said!
#30...My bathrobe. Not just for coverage, but warm and fuzzy.
#31...To go with my bathrobe...My fuzzy flip flop Slippers. Love them!!
#32...Automatic doors that open with a push of a button.
#33...My cell phone so that I can do more multi tasking while I am away from my home! And so that my kids can call me when they are sick at school because I am rarely home.
#34...Caramel Corn!
#36...When you're sick...Cold medicine that makes you sleepy.
#37...Adjustable waists on kids jeans! Whoever invented that is a mom for sure!
#38...Romantic comedies.
#39...Alarm Clocks. I'd rather have a rooster-but whatever.
#40...Costume Jewelry.
#41...An address stamp so I don't have to handwrite the whole thing every time.
#42...Portable juice boxes and individually packaged snacks.
#43...Holiday Placemats (i got some new Turkey ones the other day)
#45...An actual letter in the actual snail mail!
Okay! There I am all caught up! Thank you for reading my random blessings!


Nicole said...

Vaseline huh? I heard that you should eat a tablespoon of vaseline everyday and then you don't have to use toilet paper - maybe that was advice for hikers and campers - either way it's in my food storage! I had no idea about the tanning spray, Brett thought you were from the Islands or something! Have a great Turkey Day!

Kass said...

So great! I'm going to have to do the catch up soon too. I love all your blessings. Spray on tan is a lifesaver as well as robes, cell phones. I never knew you didn't like to cook. :)

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