Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This year I am most grateful for living close to home when the holidays come because our siblings come home and we get to see everyone. It' s hard some days too because we have to split our time with the families-but we are so grateful to be here so that we can spend what time we do get.

We spent Thanksgiving Day at Nelson's with Quenalee and with Jeff's siblings and families. The only one missing was Andy who is in Argentina serving his mission. Ryan and Becca came up from Vegas and Alex came home from BYU. It was fun to be able to see all of them. My cute husband got to carve the TURKEY!

The boys helped their mom set us her enormous Christmas tree

and we all got to help decorate it.

Mack even got up on the ladder to put a few ornaments up high.

It was difficult not having Galen there. We missed him for our first Thanksgiving without him, but Quenalee is so amazing and created a delicious meal and continued on with her traditions. She always gets the girls a nativity scene and the boys an ornament and she gives it to them early so that they can display them that year. It was a chore to get them all together and of coarse they aren't all smiling or even looking-but here's the Nelson Grand kids waiting anxiously to open their gifts.


A tradition that my family does on Thanksgiving is to decorate Turkey Cookies. So, I took some cookies over to decorate for the Nelsons.

My family had gotten together the Night before Thanksgiving and had dinner and fun together. It always is so much fun to watch the kids together and see all great they get a long with each other. I just love that the next generation are getting to know one another and building those bonds.

All of the BOYS (minus the youngest)

"Tanner and Maddie" were here from Utah. That is what all three of my children call my Brother Jon's family. When our families are together, no one is ever bored. Even me! I love to be by my brother Jon and his family. Quentin, Calli, and Mack have a corresponding cousin their same age and it is just so much fun to see them all hang out.

The only girl cousins in the house are Calli and Maddie and whatever you do....Do not try to separate them! There will be tears! I promise! They are adorable!!!

We also got together one day and went to go and see BOLT. It was a really cute show and I really liked it-especially the Hamster! ha ha! Michael and his family hung out with us most of the time and as always, it's fun to be around them too. I offered to have all of the cousins over for a sleep over one night (minus the baby) and so that night, Jeff and I had 9 sleeping children under our roof. It sure was fun-for one night!!

I especially enjoyed the night that we got together and had a small birthday party for my Brother Tim. We don't get to see him very much-even though we live by him, and so it was great to see him and to play the Seinfeld Scene It game (which I held my own-even though I don't watch it nearly like my brothers-thank you very much!) That night, Dad was around a little more than he had been. He hasn't been feeling very well and had had a procedure done earlier that week which he was recovering from and so that night he was out and about a little more and it was nice to see him! I love you dad!


Ranay said...

What fun family traditions and good times! Congrats on the two pounds - slowly but surely - they say you keep those pounds off easier and longer when it's just a little at a time! Keep up the hard work!

Kyla said...

Great pictures of the cousins together, I should've taken more. It was a really fun Thanksgiving with you all!

Jenni said...

What a fun Thanksgiving!