Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kindergarten Christmas Party

Mrs. Kholers afternoon Kindergarten class 2008-2009.
I helped with the Kindergarten party for Mack's Class and we had a great time.
Mrs. Kholer read The Polar Express to the kids and then gave each of them a bell to take home so that they would always believe. We decorated cookies, made photo ornaments for their trees at home, and had a snowball fight in the classroom (with soft marshmallows of coarse). When we pulled out the marshmallows for a snowball fight, I was a little worried what Mack's teacher would say-but she just said-"That is so cool!" She ran around the room with the rest of them! It was so fun to watch them. I love this picture that I captured with Mack throwing his arms in the air. I think he just made a hit-what do you think?

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