Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quick Update

It has been so long since I have been blogging regularly! I know that I have mentioned that my life is just different right now-so I guess that means my blogging frequency suffers as well-but I had a moment this morning so I wanted to do a quick update on things that have been happening.

Mack's Field trip to the Zoo

What a crazy fun day! I was one of the first "hot"days of the year and then it instantly got cold the next day and so we were blessed to have the great weather. It was a fun day. At the school, I got put in charge of the craziest group of boys that you can imagine...Mack got to ride the bus there which was a "trip" in itself. He got to see a baby camel fed by a bottle, pet and brush the goats, see a snow leopard (which at the IF zoo-if you get see him is a good day at the zoo-he's usually hiding), the lions, the tigers, zebras, and some really entertaining monkeys. Interesting fact: Did you know that when a baby zebra is born, the baby and mom stare at each other for hours memorizing each other strips so that they can identify each other. That is how they tell each other isn't the smell as you might think. Isn't that sweet?
Family...Family...and more Family!
We are having a lot of fun with our family coming in from out of town. It has been so much fun! One weekend my brothers Jon, Joe, and Ben came to visit and we all went to the sand dunes. It was such a blast hanging out with my family and just doing something fun. We also had family pictures taken with everyone. Pretty special because it may be our last with daddy. It was quite fun too and I just love seeing the pictures. I think of that saying "All Because Two People Fell in Love"! Dad and mom, look what you did!!!!
On Memorial Day weekend, Jeff's brother and family came to visit and we had a nice visit with them. The boys went golfing while the girls went shopping, we ate lots of food, had our annual greedy game that we usually play at Christmas but not everyone was there in Dec, watched the annual family movie, went to visit Galen's grave (his Birthday was Saturday), and a lot of fun was had by all! It was special to remember Galen this weekend on his birthday weekend and on Memorial Day. Over and over again, I keep thinking how much fun it is to have everyone together, no matter which side of the family it is. Family is amazing, special, essential, and it is no wonder that it is part of the plan of happiness!
Mack's Graduation!

Last but not least...Mack graduated from Kindergarten the last week of school (Hallelujah school's out!!!) and the school and teachers did such a great job putting it together. Mack's Dad, Mom, and Grandma Nelson were able to attend. My mom and dad were missed dearly. They had the kids march in to the gym to the graduation march song and then they sang songs and presented the kids with their diplomas and a little grad bear. One of the songs that they did was the Hokey Pokey. They were asked to go and choose someone from the audience and we were betting on who Mack would choose and sure enough, he chose dad. Thank heaven! It was so fun to watch my boys put their back sides in and shake them all about!! They had spots for us to take pictures and then refreshments afterwords. We got some pictures with mom and Dad, Grandma, the principal, and his teacher, Mrs. Koehler. It was a fun and special way to end that year.


Ranay said...

So fun! What a great, memorable post. And I promise to get you pictures of Mack at graduation - I'll try not to forget!

Nicole said...

I'm glad you are able to enjoy family - it looks like you've had such a great time! Congrats Mack on graduation! We missed you at Smitty's Becca@

Kass said...

Darling picts of Kindergarten graduation. They didn't do it this year for my Cade. I was bummed! I'm glad you are able to spend so much time with your awesome family-on both sides. I love the Ostensen family picture. Beautiful.