Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blessing #10

It was my birthday on Sunday and although this weekend was a little hard watching my dad struggle, it was still a day to celebrate and to reflect on my 35 years of life. It was especially a day to reflect and remember because I have again been reminded about how fragile life is. For this reason, my blessing this week is the wonderful 35 years that I have spent in mortality. Here are 35 moments that have happened in my life that have helped me to become the 35 year old that I am. Some things mean more than others of coarse, but the others are fun fillers that also mean something to me or random memories that I thought of while thinking about this blessing.
1. Being Born to goodly parents under the covenant.
2. Moving to Fort Wayne, IN when I was 4. That is where I learned to be who I am today.
3. Jumping in the Indiana leaves after we raked them up.
4. Singing solos that sometimes I didn't cry through when I was very young.
5. Becoming friends with Gretchen, my childhood friend and forever friend. She will always have a special spot in my heart.
6. Playing Star Wars in the crawl Space below our home.
7. The many times that I made Michael carry me on his shoulders, sing songs with me, and pretty much doing anything I wanted him to. I had such a great time with him.
8. Gymnastics in our back yard, in the living room, on the gymnasium floor at the school, at church, & on the HS team.
9. Attending my first Young Woman Broadcast with my mom and the necklace that she gave me that night (I still have it).
10. The 6 Girls Camps I attended growing up! Still one of my favorite places to be! Back flips off the diving board, late night giggles in the tent, skit night, bugs in cups, etc. etc.!!!!
11. A talk I had with my dad at Concordia Seminary.
12. Youth Conference when I was 15. Jon Bytheway was one of the speakers. I played Volleyball with him and he told me that he had heard I was the prettiest girl there at that YC. I totally believed him...He probably said it to all the girls.
13. Traveling out west to visit family with two adults and seven children in our station wagon! My parents are saints!! That is all I have to say!
14. Playing cops with Gretchen.
15. Being in Charisma and singing and dancing my heart out! Loved it!
16. Spring break my Junior Year!!! Sigh! I HEART Jeff Nelson!
17. Failing Algebra my Senior year and then acing it my freshman year in college????
18. Saying good-bye to Indiana and our friends there and yelling hello to Idaho and all of the new times and friends here.
19. Hanging out with Jeff that whole summer and falling in love! Remember the candles babe?
20. Rooming with my cousin and other hilarious and wonderful roommates my year at Ricks.
21. Getting engaged to the man I had always loved after dating many and getting kicked in the booty by my mom-"You'd better get him before he gets away!" she said to me.
22. The day that I got married to my best friend.
23. Moving to Boise and defining who I was even more there.
24. Starting to scrap book. Saved my life! I love it!
25. Having my first child-Quentin.
26. Graduating from Boise State with my bachelors degree.
27. Managing the apartment complex-taught me a lot of life lessons.
28. Having our second child and only daughter Callianne.
29. Building our home together and buying our first house! Those were the days.
30. I have a lot of dear friends in Boise-but meeting my friend Valerie was truly life changing!
31. Having our third child Just Mack!
32. Moving to Idaho Falls-bitter sweet leaving our friends in Boise but moving to new friends and amazing times with our family here.
33. Galen Nelson's accident and how it brought our family closer.
34. Seeing my first Broadway show!! Wicked was Wicked!
35. Serving in a lot of different capacities in each ward I've been in. Learning that service is the true way to show my Heavenly Father and my Savior my commitment to them.

There are so many more that I could write about-here's just a few-35 to be exact! That isn't very many he he! I love getting older. It really doesn't bother me and what a blessing these 35 years have been! Here's to at least 35 more!


Nicole said...

I love it! You truly are blessed. Long live spring break - sounds like that's where it all started!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Becca. I love your list of blessings!

Zenica said...

very late happy birthday. What a great list of blessings.

Meek Family said...

Happy Birthday!!! You are an amazing woman and I really admire you,

Todd and Amyjoy said...

Hi. It's Amyjoy. I just checked in on your blog and had to read a few to catch up. I am sorry about your Dad. That must be really hard to handle. I have wondered what would be harder, to have a tragedy and have them go quickly with no warning, or to have them go slowly and watch them suffer. I still don't know the answer, because both are hard.
My Dad died in a helicopter crash, of course with no warning. No goodbyes. But, he will never be old to me. He will never have cancer, or any other illness, lose his hearing, or have white hair for that matter. He will always be healthy and young in my mind.
I wish your whole family well during this hard process. I am glad you get to tell him everything you want to. God bless you all.


Kass said...

Happy Birthday! I loved this post! What a great idea. I also had no idea about your Dad's health. I'm so sorry. We will keep him and all of your family in our prayers. Life is so fragile & so little really matters but people. Love you!